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It is urgent to use anti-bacterial film

We are the earliest and most professional manufacturer of anti-bacterial tempered glass film in China.Since 2013, we have started to independently develop antibacterial glass substrates and obtained patent certificates. The products have passed the SGS test,After years of research and development, our anti-bacterial products have been continuously improved, and antiviral glass substrates have been developed. At present, the invention patent is under Applying.

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Why we need anti-bacterial film

The surface of the mobile phone is covered with tens of thousands of bacteria. When making a call, these creeping bacteria will inevitably not be wiped on the face and other parts, which may cause acne, pneumonia, meningitis.

According to the research results of British experts: out of the 53 million mobile phones in use in the UK, 37.4 million mobile phones have health risks. The average cell phone carries 18 times as many bacteria as the toilet flush handle.

With the popularity of electronic products, more and more children are inevitably exposed to these screens full of harmful bacteria. Anti-bacterial screens can provide good protection for children's health.

Anti bacterial mobile phone film test report

Tested by a number of domestic top three hospitals and third-party authorities such as SGS, it has been confirmed that the multi-gold composite ion glass substrate has obvious inhibitory effects on common bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and other harmful bacteria in life..

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